Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Overcome Negativity With Gratitude

It’s so easy to complain, get caught up in the victim mindset, and start believing that our situation is hopeless. We read things on social media that rant and paint a picture of hopeless, and we believe them. The world is filled with limitations. Any time that we start agreeing with negativity, instead of fighting against it, then we are hurting ourselves.

I got fired from a job once because I couldn’t wring out a mop good enough. At the time, it devastated me. For a while, it broke my spirit. The negativity from one person was so strong that it could have destroyed my life—if God hadn’t intervened. So often we don’t think about the energy that we are putting into the world or how our behavior affects other people. I never want to convince others of my limiting beliefs. I want to be the dreamer, the encourager, the inventor, the creator, the one who thinks so far outside of the box that I persuade others to do the same. 

The world has enough negative energy. It doesn’t need anymore. We need to lift our heads and stop listening to the enemy. He is the negative thoughts. He is the one who steals our joy. We only get this one life. I don’t want to spend my life whining and complaining. I want to be doing the things that others see as impossible. 

It’s all about our perspective. I’ve had people ask me how I could love a God that allowed my body to be so scarred. I’ve had people ask me how I can be so grateful for the one finger on my left hand and my thumb. It’s simple. We have to find joy in what we have been blessed with. If I can’t be grateful for two fingers, then I wouldn’t be grateful for five. Honestly, I’m thankful that I have a hand at all. When I think of all the things my left hand does for me daily, the value of it becomes priceless. 

I’ve played the victim card. I’ve walked around with my head dropped, complaining about everything. Later, when my perspective changed, I asked God to forgive me for being so ungrateful. 

Any time we are struggling with something, we just need to ask God for the right perspective. The devil shows us the problem with everything. God shows us the possibility in everything. The one we give our attention to will expand in our lives. 

Love and blessings,


Monday, May 22, 2017

The Power Of Hope

What makes people fight against insurmountable odds? How do they find the strength to battle various diseases, go through treatments, surgeries, overcome hardships, and still remain faithful to God? The answer is simple and yet powerful. Hope gives us strength and helps us to focus on the outcome we desire. When we have hope, we are looking to a power bigger than ourselves. 

God, in His magnificent glory, is all powerful. In an instant, He can fix our problems. After all, He spoke the world into existence. Even if we don’t find healing on this Earth, we have a promise of a better day with Him. Eternity with God will be free of all pain, hardships, sickness, disease, etc. So even if we can’t overcome the infirmities of this world, we know that there is a better day waiting for us. Glimpses of Heaven, through God’s word and His spirit, help us to keep moving forward. 

Through the darkest times of my life, God always gives me a glimpse of a better day. When my legs were numb and walking was extremely hard, God gave me visions of our past accomplishments, and even showed me where we going in the future. Those visions helped me to make it through the difficult moments. Even when life was extremely hard, I had hope of a better day. After my hand surgery, when the pain made me sick and overwhelmed me, I closed my eyes and envisioned my new thumb and all of the things that I would be able to do with it. 

Some moments are so hard to even get through, but as long as we have hope then we can get through the really tough times. It’s when we replace our hope with fear that we are defeated. Whatever we are going through, we need to lift our eyes toward the high hills which cometh our help. God has grace for our every need. He knows the reason for our trial and the outcome. He can help us with our EVERY problem. Just because our situation seems hopeless doesn't mean that it is. Especially when God is our hope. 

When the enemy tries to convince us that we are defeated, we need to remember the power of our God. The same God who parted the Red Sea for Moses and the children of Israel, appeared in the fiery furnace and protected the Hebrew children, delivered Daniel from the Lion’s Den, and carried our sins to Calvary is our God. 

Have a wonderful day!

Love and blessings, 


Sunday, May 21, 2017

Getting Comfortable With The Uncomfortable

This morning, I would have loved to sleep in. When my alarm sounded, I wanted to snuggle with my husband and go back to sleep. Instead, I climbed out of bed. I am teaching myself discipline and how to be comfortable with the uncomfortable. 

Lately, I’ve realized how unsafe my comfort zone really is. It is the stealer of our dreams. When we only do the things that are comfortable in our lives and easy, then we never see what we are capable of. While it’s hard to write a book, it’s amazing when it helps someone else in some way. I could never put into words how it makes me feel to receive an email from someone telling me that my book helped them. That is priceless and worth every moment. 

My ultimate goal is to live the life that God created me to live. I want Him to be satisfied with me. This flesh is so weak. If given the choice, my flesh would always choose the easier path. My heart, however, wants to do the big, scary, (what seems to be) impossible things. 

God needs us all. We all need to show up every day, ready and willing to do His work. So many people don’t know our Lord. They don’t know His goodness. We need to be a glimpse of Him. Every day we need to be telling others, through our words as well as our actions, about our amazing God. 

This world is not our home. We are just passing through. The things of this world don’t even matter. What matters is if we know the Lord. The world is filled with so much suffering. It breaks my heart what other people endure. We need to lead them to the Lord and show them how to overcome it all. Now is not the time for us to give up. We need to be ready and willing to serve God and be a good solider in His army. 

Love and blessings,


Saturday, May 20, 2017

Taking A Leap Of Faith

It takes courage to just be ourselves. Sometimes, however, we need our courage to go deeper than ourselves. We need to explore and be willing to grow. Lately, I have become content with my life. I like being boring. I enjoy staying home. My idea of fun is to read on a Friday night. I don’t like parties or really even shopping. I hate when I’m the center of attention. I’m an introvert to my core. 

Honestly, I never ever dreamed that I would be doing TV interviews, sharing my story on stage in front of hundreds of people, doing live videos or sharing my deepest heartaches. It is so hard for me to push the “Go live” button on Facebook or do videos on Snapchat.  All of that was never part of the life that I had envisioned for myself. I wanted to be the person behind the screen writing that no one ever saw. God, however, had other plans for me. 

While I have done many things that He has asked of me, I am still holding back. In the last few weeks, I am seeing this more and more. So many wonderful opportunities have come my way in the last few years, and I have found a reason to refuse each and every one. Even when I agreed, I still hoped that the person who wanted to interview me would change their mind. Or that the trip to California that I had agreed to would never happen. I had a reason to not go to Sweden, New York, Texas, and Florida. Even Virginia Beach was too far. 

I believe that God has big, amazing things for me and I am standing in my own way. I believe that once I agree in my heart to do it all, He will start to open the doors for me. Sometimes I still feel like the little girl who shoved her hands in her pockets. I feel so small and so unworthy to do this job. I’m just being real. But I’m working on myself. 

I’m learning to be brave and self-compassionate and how to acquire coping mechanisms. It’s not easy to open my heart and allow others to see my deepest fears and heartaches. Hiding in the shadows, however, is not comfortable anymore either. Right now, it’s really quite painful because I want to do it. Every level of success has a new devil. The enemy knows how to lure me away. He knows how to make me sabotage myself. My Lord, however, knows the ways that I take. He knows how to help me to overcome it all. God knows exactly how much pressure to apply, how much courage and heartache that I need, and how to help me to become willing to do it all. 

In order for God to use us, I mean really use us, we have to come willing in our hearts and desire His will. It’s so much more that just wanting to do it. So I’m working on getting out of my comfort zone. I started with this vulnerable post. It doesn’t matter what other people think of me. At the end of the day, it all comes down to this. What do you think of yourself? Are you living the life that God created you to live? That one really hurts me to answer. I’m not where I want to be, but I’m on my way. Sharing this is my acceptance. Lord, I’m ready when you are.

Love and blessings, 


Friday, May 19, 2017

The Power Of Our Story

The Bible is filled with stories. God gave examples of how we should live our lives. We remember stories. When we hear what someone else went through, and how they overcame it, then it gives us hope for our own lives. 

Even though I am an author, blogger, speaker, I am first a storyteller. I love to tell how God works in my life. Sometimes He truly amazes me. I can take things and make them so complicated, by my Lord makes things simple. When I’m trying to so hard to do something and it  just seems so hard, then I have learned to seek guidance from my Lord. 

When I first started writing, I tried to write like other people. In trying to create something magnificent, I made it so hard on myself. Instead of embracing my gift, I tried to recreate it. My writing is different. Most often times it is emotional, raw, and vulnerable.

It takes all aspects of the story to make it beautiful. If we only skip to the blessing and leave out the hardship, then we take away the power of the story. Some of my favorite stories in the Bible are the ones of overcoming. I love the story of the three Hebrew children and the fiery furnace. While they were cast in the midst of the fiery furnace, not one hair on their head was singed and they didn’t even smell like smoke. That is powerful!

God has given me my own powerful stories. Living with Amniotic Band Syndrome has not been easy. I have endured many hardships, but my Lord has helped me to overcome every single one of them. Not only has he helped me to overcome my scars and the hardships they cause me, but He has helped me to embrace them with a grateful heart. 

Do you know someone who needs a speaker for an event or who would benefit from hearing my story of overcoming? In a world filled with heartache and tragedy, we all need hope. Sometimes all we need to change is our perspective on our situation. 

Love and blessings, 


Thursday, May 18, 2017

God Works Out Of Our Sight

God is amazing! At any given moment, He could be arranging hundreds of things to our benefit. Our problem is we can't always see Him working in our lives, so we assume that we are alone and He has forgotten about our problem. If we only knew the times that He guides us and protects us along our journey, then our faith would be so much greater. 

I worry about things beyond my control and forget to give my Lord credit for the amazing things He does for me daily. He woke me up this morning, this day is a gift, the breath that just entered my lungs is priceless. My Lord spoke the world into existence, and yet I am fearful of small things. He already knows my journey. He knows the desires of my heart, and He loves me unconditionally. 

Worry and fear are of the devil. My Lord doesn’t want me to live my life in misery. He wants me to find joy in each moment and to be content in whatever state that He blesses me to be in. Every state is important and necessary for my journey. So often we try yo rush through the hard times, but every once in a while, we just need to pause and absorb the lesson. The struggles are gifts as well. 

One day, this trial that I am in right now will be over, and I will be so grateful for the beautiful gifts that it brought into my life. Instead of waiting until it is over to praise my Lord, I’m going to start praising Him right now. This is happening for me and not to me. My God will use this to bless me and help me to grow. 

Whatever you are going through, my sweet friend, just hold on. Help is on the way. Good always overpowers evil. This situation is no exception. God will use this in a mighty way. We just have to trust Him.

Love and blessings, 


Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Paying It Forward

A few years ago, I was miserable. I literally spent most of my days in bed, reading books, and trying to escape my life. I have never forgotten the pain of being financially broke, physically and emotionally wounded, with no clue of how to rebuild my life. My health was in shambles and I didn’t believe that I could heal. Doctor after doctor gave me a hopeless diagnosis, but one gave me hope. 

Through a change to my diet and an exercise routine, I was able to start the healing process. It didn’t happen over night. In fact, it took years, but it did happen. I cut out inflammation causing foods and adapted an exercise routine that enabled me to fight back. Every day I felt as if I was fighting for my life—at least the quality of it anyway. 

That is why I am a Beachbody coach. I want to pay that hope forward. I want to reach those who feel hopeless. I want to show them how to rebuild their life. I want to show them that it is possible, at any age, under any circumstances to change our lives. It is about building physical, mental, and spiritual strength. We can overcome our circumstances. 

Will it be easy? No, it won’t be. But it will be worth it. 

The harder that we fight for something the more valuable that it becomes to us. I see my health as a priceless gift. I’ve fought so hard to get to where I am today. And I never want to go back to that life again. While I can’t control what happens to me, I can decide how I want to handle it. Exercising and eating healthy is hard. Being sick, in pain, and miserable is also hard. Every day I get to choose which one is harder for me. When I don’t want to do my workout, I remember the feeling of lying in the bed, barely able to walk, crying in pain, and that is all I need to get up and push play on my workout. 

I also know that there is someone out there in the same shape that I was in. So I'm going to keep posting, keep inviting others to join me on my journey, and keep praying that God will lead me to those who need my help. I want to be there for those who are scarred, who feel broken, and who just need someone to care. 

Love and blessings,


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