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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Zippy's Friend—Maria

Maria is a survivor of Amniotic Band Syndrome!

Candida: Did you like Zippy and his story?

Maria: Yes I loved Zippy and his story!

Candida: What was your favorite part?

Maria: My favorite part is when Zippy got teased by the zebras but then he saved them by acting like a zombie and asking the biggest crocodile nicely.

Candida: Did it help you in some way?

Maria: A little because of the part where Zippy got teased by the zebras, but then he helped them cross the stream.

Candida: What is the biggest challenge you have overcome?

Maria: The biggest challenge I have overcome is to ignore teasing and staring or asking them to stop.

Candida: What is the biggest challenge you still face?

Maria: The biggest thing I still have to face is surgeries I still go through.

Candida: What advice would you give kids with differences or those afraid of having surgery?

Maria: Advice I would give to kids who have surgeries is the doctors are there to help you not to hurt you.

Candida: Is there anything you’d like to ask me?

Maria: How did you come up with this story about Zippy?

Candida: My hands, arm and foot are affected by Amniotic Band Syndrome. I know how hard it is to be teased and stared at by others. I desired to write a book to help kids who go through the same things learn to overcome it. I also wanted to show the bullies and people who stare that it hurts when they do those things. I tried to let them see being different is wonderful!
 I feel so blessed to have talked with Maria! Her answers touched my heart and helped me in numerous ways. It's an amazing feeling to see a child holding a book you've written and know that it helped them a little. Please pray for Maria as she continues to have surgeries and heal from the effects of Amniotic Band Syndrome. May God bless you!


Priscilla said...

Wow, Maria! That's really cool! Love, Auntie Priscilla

Anonymous said...

Maria: Remember that our dear Jesus was stared at and mocked and that the servant is not greater than his Master. Keep in mind that in Heaven there will not be any staring for we will be whole and all the focus with be on the Lamb of God who is worthy of all honor and glory.

Grandpa Walter

Anonymous said...

Maria: It is so hard to know that someone as beautiful as you has to suffer for something you had nothing to do with,but remember Jesus suffered with for us because of his great love so does he and all his children love you.

Dave Somero

Anonymous said...

Maria: I hope this book has shown you that all things are posssible. Keep your head up and remember there are always people out there praying for you.

Cathy Partin

Anonymous said...

Maria, You are our teacher!! God has given and will continue to give you strength to overcome your differences and you continue to smile!! Remembering you in prayer ...Lots of love ...
Cathy Seppanen

Rodney, Hannah and girls said...

Good Job Maria!
We continue to keep you in prayer. Keep up the good work and spreading joy to others! You are a blessing to all.

Nina said...

Great Maria,
Proud of you and all you have gone through and still remain your cheerful, wonderful self.
God bless you and yours and be with you in your continuing sugeries and life.

Anonymous said...

Hey Maria;

Thanks so much for sharing Zippy with me while I was there!! I am going to get it for Patricia and share it with her so when she is teased for being Chinise she can understand it more. You are a truly amazing person and I am blessed to be part of your family. Thanks for being you. Stay Strong and know that your courage and loving spirit are beautiful reminders of how Jesus wants all of us to be. You are special and never, ever let anyone tell you different. If they do tell them to come talk to Uncle Eugene (RRRRRR) and I will take care of it for you. I love you little one and remember Uncle Gene, Aunt Denise and Tricia are praying for you always.

Love Uncle Gene

Anonymous said...

I love you Maria, and remember you are my hero. I am amazed at the courage you have shown through your life. I know I couldn't do it as well as you. Remember God has a special plan for you and you DO touch many lives!!!!

We love you!!
Aunt Denise w/ Uncle Gene and Tricia

Liz said...

aw..Maria, good job!! WE love you so much.People on here have given you such words of wisdom...You know my favorite song I sing to you right? It's not to make in fun of you it's to keep you going cause no matter what kind of problem or surgery or cast you have had it has not kept you down you keep on plugging..Keeps this old auntie going when she thinks about you.....
Love you..
Auntie Liz with Uncle Brian and cousins!

Anonymous said...

Thank you everyone!God has been good to me throughout my life.Thanks for the prayers!
Love you all,

Anonymous said...

God is so good! He is the One who gave the doctors and researchers the knowledge and know how to help you! Praise Him for He careth for you! For each of us! You are so sweet Maria! Love you! Nilene

Anonymous said...

Thanks everyone....your comments have been read by Maria, Keith and I. She is very nonchalant, but we both cried! God has been good through all of this and we would not trade her in for anything! Thanks Candida for doing this for Maria....I feel you have helped her immensely. We have ordered 3 more of your Zippy books to share at her pediatricians office and both her surgeons - one in Boston the other at Dartmouth. We will have Maria sign them and donate them. May God bless you and your gift! ~Leah and Keith

Underneath the Scars said...

It was my pleasure! Thank you so much for allowing Maria to do this. Her words and the comments from everyone helped me so much. And thank you for being such an amazing supporter of me and my books. It means so much!


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