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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Cry Out To Jesus: Digging Ditches in the Valley

Some days my life is on point. My to-list gets accomplished and I feel great about the day. Even when things don’t go well, I’m able to make the necessary modifications to keep going. 

And then, there are days when just getting out of bed and taking a shower is a struggle. Sometimes I just feel burdened and overwhelmed. On these days, I become discouraged. And instead of turning toward God with my heart and tears, I tend to distance myself—without even realizing what I’m doing. 

During these times, every thing is a struggle. Sometimes I even wonder, where is God in my life? Why do I feel so sad and alone? And how in the world can I make it through this trial?

This, my friends, is what we call the valley. In the valley, is where the work takes place. This is where we dig a little deeper, and get as low as we can go. In the valley is where we pray, and do the Lord’s work. When we get our thoughts out of the way, then we are able to take the lessons we have learned and apply them to our lives. So often we feel alone during these times, but if we remember the footprints in the sand, then we understand that the Lord is carrying us. 

After just a few minutes in the valley, I’m usually ready to give up. We all like it when our life is easy. So often, we pray for things and then just sit back and wait for our prayers to be answered. But we have some work to do, however, before we get to the blessings.

While some things are out of our control, still God wants us to do the things that we can do. Yes, He wants us to pray and ask Him for help. But that doesn’t mean we should leave it all up to Him. We have a part in this as well. 

When I write these blogs, I can’t control who reads them. Nor can I touch anyone’s heart. What I can do, however, is set aside the time to write them, pray for guidance and understanding, and then pour my heart onto the pages. Once I’ve done my part, God will do His part.  We have to take the first step by faith. We don’t know how it will work, or how God will make it happen, but we just have to believe that He will work it out to our benefit. God blesses our efforts. 

The things which are impossible for us to understand are possible with God. He is always in control and He can change our situation or circumstance in an instant. Don’t give up!

Just remember the devil would love for us to give up. He tries every day to distract us all. But when we get as low as we can go, and cry out to Jesus, the devil has to flee. God understands our tears. In His time, He will deliver us and put us a mile ahead of the devil. And we will proclaim, the victory in Jesus. 

Sometimes we just need to remember that we are a child of the King! And His love for us is unconditional. We have nothing to fear. 

John 14:27  (KJV)
27 Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.

May God bless you, 


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