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Saturday, August 22, 2015

The Connection: How Our Stories Inspire Others

One of the greatest experiences of my life is when I open my heart and share my story with others. The moment I allow others to glimpse inside my soul, where the heartache and battles have occurred, I become vulnerable. God uses the bond of heartache, faith, compassion, overcoming, and etcetera to inspire hope. The hope that someone has been in our shoes and defeated the enemy is what transpires a defeated heart.  

The Bible is filled with stories of overcoming. All down through time, God has used His people to inspire others and give them a glimpse of Him. We need to continue in His ways. We have all struggled in some way, at some point in our lives. Once we receive the victory of overcoming, we should never forget the battle or neglect to share it.

We don’t know who around is hurting. The depth of their pain is often disguised. Not everyone shares their feelings. I know this from experience.

As a child, I bottled all of the negativity inside of me. Instead of nurturing good thoughts, I embraced the cruel words spoken to me. I didn’t share my struggles of being bullied, or the pain of living with scars.  The heartache continued to build inside of me, until I felt so overwhelmed and hopeless. Often times, I would stare at my reflection and repeat the same cruel words to myself.

Even during the darkest times of my life, God has always blessed me with a spark of hope. He has been with me as I walked through the valleys of despair and guided me along the path of victory. Each time we encounter a battle, and defeat the enemy, it sets up a stone of overcoming for us. When the next battle emerges, God reminds us of the previous battles we have defeated, and that inspires hope for us.

Hope is a beautiful gift! As long as we have hope, we have all we need to keep going. But sometimes our hope dims through the difficulty of the battles, and we need someone else to shine us their light of hope. We need to reflect God in everything we do.

So often, as a child, I wished for someone who would understand my pain and be able to help me—without me having to admit my heartaches. That is why I write books that are so personal. By sharing my pain and fears, faults and failures, faith and courage, and battles and victories, I’m able to connect with those who are hurting and going through similar battles. Sometimes all we need to know is that someone else has walked a mile in our shoes, and overcome the enemy. I’ve had people contact me, after reading one of my books, and ask me if I wrote the book specifically for them. That is powerful!

So I would like to give you one of my e-books. Perhaps it will speak to your heart as well.

Underneath the Scars is the free e-book for today, August 22, 2015. Hope you take a moment to download your copy and then share the link with your friends so they can download it as well.

Underneath the Scars is a journey of emotional and spiritual healing associated with physical deformities. You will laugh, cry, and reflect as Candida shares her story and the woman underneath her scars.

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