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Friday, December 9, 2022

Are you struggling with the Christmas season?

Perhaps you're struggling financially, with your health, grieving the death of a loved one, going through a divorce, or dealing with waves of depression. While our struggles may vary, the pain is very much the same. 

The pain of it all can feel overwhelming, primarily through times when we feel as if we should stuff the pain inside and get through it. 

I can remember one particular Christmas very well. I was sick, in constant pain, and couldn't work. Money was tight, and my hope was diminishing. Although I didn't have much money for gifts, I wanted to give—the desire to give overwhelmed me. I remember crying and asking God to provide a way for me to give something to those I loved. 

God hears our prayers, sweet friends. Even though we may feel alone sometimes, God is always with us. 

That year He helped me to understand that it's not about the money at all, but about the love, we feel in our hearts. He blessed me to write a Christmas letter and to give it to others. So many said the words gave them hope and touched their hearts. 

While I didn't have money to give everyone I loved a store-bought present, God blessed me to give hope that year. He also gave me more time to play with my children and their new toys. Honestly, I don't know if I have ever felt more love on Christmas. 

During one of the darkest times of my life, God gave me priceless gifts that money simply can't buy. God also gave me hope for Christmas. He showed me how He could use my writing to bless others. And that moment gave me the courage to start blogging and finish my books.

The world tries to sell us its version of Christmas. But the most beautiful part of it is LOVE. Love is free and abundant. We get to decide what Christmas means to us and how we want our children to think about it. 

Baby Jesus was born in love. He became poor so that one day we could be rich. If we have Him in our hearts, we have everything we need to celebrate His birth and love others. 

The enemy wants us to focus on what we don't have and what is missing in our lives. But when we focus on the love of Jesus and how we can share that incredible love with others, we will realize we already have everything we need. 

Friday, December 2, 2022

How to live inspired when you feel overwhelmed and stressed

Do you ever feel like you are drowning in chaos? 

The demands of everyday life can hit us hard. Maybe you feel stretched thin. As if there is more work than time. Add social pressures to do it all while looking like a Pinterest board. And you have a recipe for stress and overwhelm. 

I remember sitting straight up in bed, panicking, wondering if I had paid the electric bill. 

I've tossed and turned and let all of my next day's to-do's run through my mind. 

I've struggled with parenting, marriage, pain, body image, finances, and career. You name it, and I've probably struggled with it at some point. 

I've had significant anxiety kneeling on my bathroom floor in the middle of the night, convinced I may die from the pressures of it all. 

I've cried. 


And asked God, through the worst of it, to help me overcome the crippling anxiety. I didn't want to panic and feel like something terrible was about to happen. I never wanted fear to control me. 

Fear makes me feel weak and magnifies my insecurities. I don't make the best decisions when I am afraid because it comes from fear instead of faith. But something extraordinary happens when I can take all my questions, fears, insecurities, heartaches, and stress and talk it over with God. 

I do this in a journal. 

Suddenly, it's not just my wisdom and knowledge making tough decisions or guiding me through life's hardships. 

When I talk things over with the Lord, I invite Him into every part of my life. I like to do this in a journal to get it all out. My mind doesn't wander as much when I'm writing. And even if I pray while walking or doing something else, I still like to journal our conversations. 

Because I don't want to forget, and I can't work out problems in my head. But on paper, I can see things so much better. I can also write reminders to myself. 

I feel inspired when I invite God into every part of my life. When I allow Him to give me my daily orders, I feel peaceful, joyful, and loving. I don't forget important things because I ask God to help me. And I pay attention to the little nudges that make me question essential things. 

Journaling is something I wish I had started years ago. It helps me keep focused on what's truly important in my life. When I focus on my heart's desires, it inspires me to live my best life. 

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