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Thursday, June 20, 2019

Letter of encouragement

Dear Candida, 

Do you remember all the times that the circumstances of life knocked you down? Do you remember how it felt to lie face down in the trenches for life and to struggle for each breath? Do you remember what it felt like to have your dreams snatched away? Do you remember the pain of feeling hopeless? And every single time you found a way, through the grace and love of God, to get back up again.

When the enemy tells you how weak that you are, then I want you to tell him about all the trials you have been with through the Lord, and how He helped you to overcome each one. Through God, you are an overcomer.

If you doubt this, then remember these trials. 

Remember how you were lost, dying in your sin, but God saved you. Remember how you got back up after you got fired from a job at eighteen years old. Remember how you continued to submit your manuscripts after each one was rejected over and over. Remember how you sat on your bathroom floor and wrote your first book during the night, while your family slept. Remember how it felt to have a sick child. Remember how you ran a race after your legs went numb. Remember all the times you cried through your workouts. Remember how you fell in the bathroom floor and the determination you had to get back up. Remember how you overcome your fears and shared your story with the world. Remember how your body healed, when the doctors didn't give you any hope of getting better. Remember how hard you fought to get better. Remember how you had surgery and endured the pain without pain medication. Remember all the times you wept bitterly and how many times God heard your pleas and answered your prayers. 

When the enemy tells you that you can’t do something, then you remember all that God has already blessed you to accomplish. And you get back up, regardless of how many times you fail and get knocked down. Because giving up is not one of your options. You can do hard things! 

Now, my sweet friends, I encourage you to write your own letter of encouragement. Let's stop listening to the lies of our enemy and fight back. 

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Author shares message through Zippy the zebra