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Friday, December 3, 2021

Are you going to give up so easily on your dreams?

Are you going to give up so easily on your dreams? 

Every time I sit down to write or even think about writing, the resistance shows up. The enemy bombards me with everything I need to do instead or makes me feel sick. He tells me I am not smart enough to write a book nor accomplish my dreams. If I quit before I even try, he becomes right because he outsmarted me. 

Satan plays mind games. If he can defeat us in our minds, then we will follow after him. We will believe his lies as the truth and give up. 

When I think of all the times I have given up because he told me it would be too hard, it makes me want to cry. Not tears of self-pity, but tears of anger and determination. 

Satan tells us that our dreams are too big, so we give up. He tells us that eating healthy food is too expensive and yucky, so we eat the chemicals he creates. He tells us to watch someone else's life instead of living our own, and we spend hours scrolling social media.  These are just a few ways that he defeats me each day. And I'm so tired of it. 

I'm not okay with living as a fraction of the person I could be. I am so tired of playing small when God created me (and us all) for greatness. God wants to give us the promised land, yet we wander around in the wilderness. 

Every decision we make will either help us or harm us. So I am taking back control of my life and my time. I will not continue to waste my time and regret it all one day. When I close my eyes to death, I want to know that I gave everything to my life that I had to offer. I don't want to die with the words still inside of me. I want God to be pleased with me, and how I used the gifts and talents, He gave me. 

My life should never be just about me, but rather how I can help someone else. 

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