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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Exclusive Blog from Tony Memmel: All about his New Music and Exciting Contest with VH1

Watch Now! The "Zippy's Club" play theme song video, "The Best That You Can Be." 
Dear readers,
I recently had the pleasure of working alongside Candida, her family, and her friends during the stage production of "Zippy's Club." I wrote the theme song "The Best That You Can Be," and lead the cast and audience in singing to close each performance. Candida's spirit and kindness inspire me and I am grateful that she has asked me to contribute a few thoughts to her blog today.
I was born missing my left forearm and hand. As a teenager, I taught myself to play guitar by building a homemade cast out of Gorilla Tape (duct tape) and securing a guitar pick to my arm.
My recent big news is that I have been chosen by VH1 and Republic Records as a semi-finalist in the "You Oughtta Know" presents "Make a Band Famous" competition. Out of 2,700+ entries, I have been narrowed into the top 60.
The top 60 includes a voting portion of the competition. Fans, friends, and people I've never met before, are now casting votes in mass via Twitter (by simply including #tonymemmel #mabf in their Twitter tweets), and we have been on the leader board since last week!
A unique culture is existing on Twitter, at the moment. It's like nothing I've ever seen. People from different states, age groups, and backgrounds nationwide are chiming in and tweeting with real fervor.
Even a few celebrities have voiced support; Jim Abbott (former Major League Baseball player), Suzanne Vega (musician), and Bradley Pierce (the voice of Chip in Disney's "Beauty and the Beast," and the little boy in "Jumanji.").
I'm humbled.
I feel deep responsibility and gratitude toward those who are casting votes on my behalf, and I hope to compete in the finals on their behalf in New York City, in June... I want to do my best for them.
Regardless of the outcome, I will continue to write, record, and release music because that's the core of what it's all really about for me.
I moved to Nashville six months ago, and there is a saying here, "It all starts with a song." What I take from that is: If you create good work, study and develop your craft, and always do your best in your own respective profession, the world will benefit... Which brings us full circle back to today's new music release - always be "the best that you can be."
A big thank you to Candida and to all of my #tonymemmel #mabf friends!
Tony Memmel

Author shares message through Zippy the zebra