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Saturday, October 29, 2016

Enjoying the Day

What a wonderful day! God always knows what I need, and today is was a hike through the beautiful mountains of Tennessee with some of my favorite people. Walking and talking with my sister is the best medicine in the world. We talked and laughed and enjoyed just being outside, surrounded by nature.  

I love these types of days. They represent victory for me. Years ago, when I found myself struggling to walk, I fought so hard to get better for my kids because I wanted to run with them, be able to hike again, and just have fun. So every time that I am blessed to experience one of these beautiful days my heart is always grateful. 

Isn’t it funny how God can use someone so small to teach us things? My beautiful niece Aubrey has learned how to clap. When we reached the top of our hike, she clapped. Anytime something excites her she claps. It is so precious. And it reminds me to celebrate the victories—big and small.

Today I am going to finish this blog with pictures. And share my beautiful day with you. 
Aubrey says this hiking thing is no big deal. She can do it with her eyes closed. 

That view though.

Giving her love before we had to go. She was asleep. 

Taking a break. 

Resting for a minute. 

So precious! That smile always brightens my day. 

Love them both so much.

God bless, 


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