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Sunday, October 30, 2016

Reacting with Love

How different would our lives be if we reacted to every situation with love? So often I react with judgement, anger, or fear, when I should react with love. We are all fighting some type of battle and usually the battle is within ourselves. If I’m being hateful, it is usually because of my own problems. 

I noticed this yesterday, when I snapped at my husband. It made me take a step back and examine the situation. I was feeling bad so I took my frustration out on him. The realization forced me to take a deep breathe and asked myself what was actually wrong. Turns out that it had absolutely nothing to do with him. In my mind, I had been worrying about something and the worry had caused me to respond with fear instead of love. 

My goal is to notice when this happens to me and stop it. The world is filled with hate and negativity and I don’t want to contribute to the problem. 

Jesus gave us the ultimate example of how to respond with love when they came to arrest Him. When Peter cut the solider’s ear off, Jesus commanded Peter to stop. Then, with compassion and love, He healed the solider’s ear. Even though He knew that they were going to crucify Him. He died for the ones who beat Him, just as He died for us. What an amazing love. It humbles me to realize that God placed that same type of love inside of me, when He saved my soul. 

As we begin this new week, my desire is to focus more on love and how God can use me to  serve others. 

I hope you all have a wonderful week!



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