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Friday, October 21, 2016

Having a Relationship With God

When I first started my journey with the Lord, I had so many questions. I wanted to understand the scriptures, learn how to pray, and learn to follow my Lord. 

My heart wanted a connection with God, but my mind wanted to interfere. I soon learned that if I wanted a relationship with God, I had to spend more time with Him. Sounds easy enough, but it was hard for me. 

Whenever I had a question that needed an answer from my Lord, I went to everyone but Him. I talked to my family about it, talked to my friends, and then tried to solve it on my own. While it is sometimes good to discuss our problems, the scriptures, and thoughts with others, if we want real understanding and true peace, we need to learn to have good conversations with God.

I remember going to my daddy once with a question about a scripture and my problem. He said, “I can tell you my understanding and give you advice, but God might want you to know something different.” Sure enough, he explained his understanding to me and it didn’t satisfy me. It took me going to the Lord and seeking His understanding for me and my situation to become satisfied. 

The Lord is only one who understands it all. He knows what is behind us, in front of us, and the true challenges of our life. He also knows the plans He has for our life. If we want to reach our full potential and live peacefully, then we need to go to Him first.

I feel my best, when I have my coffee with God. You can read more about that hereThen, I listen. He doesn't always answer me immediately. Sometimes it is years later in various ways. He also speaks to me through preaching, teaching, and studying His word. When I truly show up, seeking Him, I find that He is always waiting for me. I love our moments. After talking to Him, I always feel better.

I encourage you to develop your own relationship with God.

Have a beautiful day!


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