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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Showing Up

Last week I made the decision to follow my heart and blog every day. For the first few days it was easy. Today, however, has been a struggle. I didn’t sleep well last night, due to pain. So I didn’t get up as early as I had planned this morning. Then we left for church, stayed at my parent’s house all day, and then went back to church tonight—so I’ve not had time all day. Now, I’m in pain. My ribs on my right side are out of alignment, because I’ve had to do everything with my right hand since the surgery on my left hand, I have a horrible headache, and my right arm is numb.

In all reality, I don’t feel like blogging. I have tons of excuses for skipping it today. But I’ve learned that if I want to make a difference in this world and help others, then I have to show up every day. Not just on the days when I feel like it. 

My dreams matter, and I refuse to let anything stand in my way. It’s not easy. But, then again, most of the things in my life are hard. That's what makes the blessings so rewarding.  One of these days, I will remember the night when I stood in my kitchen, with an ice pack around my neck, wiping tears from eyes, blogging because I told God that I would do it and my dreams matter to me. 

Have a wonderful night!


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