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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Repeating the Struggle

Have you ever went through the same type of situation, over and over? Unconsciously we repeat the same cycles, until we understand them. Yesterday, I was listening to a personal development course. The same track continued to play over and over. At first, I thought the guy was just repeating the same story and considered stopping the training. Listening to the same thing over and over was driving me crazy. Until I recognized the pattern, and stopped it.

The same thing happens in our lives. We create bad habits, and continue to do them day after day, even though they are no longer serving us. So often we forget that we have the power of choice. At any moment, we can change our course. 

If something is not working in our lives, then we need to change it. We can use our diet as an example. If I eat the same things every day, and do not lose any weight, then I just need to adjust my diet. Once we make the necessary adjustments, we can then monitor our success. If we still don’t get the results that we want, then we need to continue making adjustments until we get our desired outcome. 

When we plateau on anything, then we need to use that as a sign to try something different. If we just keep repeating the same action, then we will continue to get the same results. Sometimes we just need to ask God to help us to overcome our struggle, and then be willing to do whatever that He tells us to do. So often we are the struggle. We are the ones standing in our own way. 

To get a different result, we have to be willing to do something different. It will be uncomfortable at first. We will be resistant to the change. When we can embrace it, however, and become willing to learn and grow through the process, then we will be able to overcome our challenge. 

Love and blessings, 


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