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Friday, February 24, 2017

Someone Else’s Success Is Not Our Failure

It does’t matter what you do or how great that you are someone will still find fault with you. Social media has really opened my eyes to this. Every day I see people bullying and trying to tear each other down. When I witness this, it breaks my heart. 

We need to help one another. I can’t imagine intentionally causing another person pain. So often, however, we don’t realize what we are doing. Sometimes we feel that we need to put someone else down to make ourselves look better. What we don’t realize is that someone else’s success is not our failure. 

Putting down someone else’s accomplishment doesn’t change it. It just changes our ability to share the joy with them. This is something that I try so hard to watch in myself. I hate the feeling of envy or jealously. Every time that it starts to creep up in my life, I try to immediately change my thoughts. 

No one is perfect. We all make mistakes and have to deal with the devil daily. The most important thing we can do is watch and pray. When we start having bad feelings toward another person, we just need to take our situation and feelings to the Lord. He can help us see our situation with a different perspective. 

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