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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Turning Our Problems Into Solutions

Yesterday, after I received a phone call from my child’s school about a rumor of a possible threat to the students, I could feel the tension creeping into my neck. This is the third time, in approximately a year, that something like this has happened. My thoughts were racing and my stress levels were rising with each thought. I wanted to rant and complain about the problem. For a few minutes, I allowed the anger to simmer and even contemplated ways that I could approach the situation. With each negative thought, my anxiety escalated. Until, I decided to stop it. 

When I forced myself to look at the situation as a whole, instead of the viewing the parts that made me angry, then I was able to defuse my own anger and change my state. 

First of all, I had to realize that my son was fine. He was even texting me. So instead of allowing my mind to race to those dark places of fear and uncertainty, I felt gratitude for his safety. Next, I forced myself to think rationally. Reacting to a situation is never a good idea. If I truly want to address the problem, then I know that I need to do so as someone who wants to solve the problem, instead of creating more problems. 

The only way for me to truly address the problem is with prayer. God knows the situation. He knows the solution. In order for me to be able to handle the situation wisely, I know that I need to ask Him for guidance. God is in control, and I trust Him to help me always. 

I will not allow the devil to make my fear bigger than my faith. Nor will I allow the enemy to steal my peace. 

Love and blessings, 


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